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If you read any of my reviews you will realize i love headphones. I properly buy 6 to pairs a year. It seems as wilt most earbuds the technology seems to be the same between the different makers. I really like the crisp sounds of these, the base is better than most and the bus itself is a good size. There is not thing i don't like about theses.

Newmsnr TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones

As the description says it weights up to 4.54 g. The case seems very sturdy making it great for bringing these on the go. I think it also holds a charge to recharge your earbuds. The wireless charging case works very well and it holds a charge through multiple uses. Great that the screen actually tells you how charged they are (100%, 20%, etc.) so you have an idea of how much longer they will need to charge. They are comfortable to wear and come with adjustable earbud pieces to fit your size of ear. The controls are a bit different than others I've tried with various functions split between the left and right ear bud. I don't think it'll be hard to get a hang of though and it is nice not to have any buttons to worry about (just a touch style button) on the sides. Overall, very good value and great for on the go. Even though it is easy to pair and has all the qualities one looks for, the touch control is not always accurate and can be confusing. I would definitely recommend to buy it.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Product Name: NEWMSNR TWS-X12 Working Voltage: 3.7V Bluetooth Working Range: 10-15m Earphones Battery Capacity: 50mAh Charging Box Battery Capacity: 3500mAh Play Time: Up to 3 hours Frequency Range: 20Hz-20kHz

pTron Bassbuds in-Ear True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

It is pretty damn good. It is correctly named the Bassbuds because the bass is truly something nice here. I was pleasantly surprised with it. The highs are a bit on the muted aise though. The sound isn't as fuller as I had hoped it to be. But at least the bass is nice! The build quality is the worst thing about this. It truly shows that it is budget oriented. The plastic used is pretty bad. Both in headphones and the base unit. Sometimes it feels like you will break it just opening up the base unit. The headsets also feel very flimsy. Feels like the buttons will break pretty soon. My unit in particular feels a bit defective, the headsets are rather loose in the base unit, and just closing the base unit's door sometimes ends up moving the headset in it and it stops charging and the hesdphone turns on thinking it has been removed from the base unit. These truly are value for money.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Product Name: PTron BassBuds Working Voltage: 3.7V Bluetooth Working Range: 10-15m Earphones Battery Capacity: 50mAh Charging Box Battery Capacity: 400mAh Play Time: Up to 6 hours Frequency Range: 20Hz-20kHz

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