RedGear Z1 Pro vs Logitech G102

So I generally don’t buy mice from brands like Redgear, but i made a decision to undertake the Z1 Pro gaming mouse, because the form looked promising and it's an Avago 3366 Sensor. Hey guys, i'm Atharva nikam , and this is often Redgear Z1 Pro review. So starting with the form, i've got to mention that it's the simplest aspect of this mouse. The shape is really a really close copy of the Microsoft Intellipoint 3.0 mouse, which was known to possess a extremely comfortable shape, and that reflects into this mouse. The shape is basically comfortable, and you'll be able to comfortably use it with a palm grip, which is really nice, but the G102 also contains a very good shape that works very well with claw grip, so although I prefer the form of Z1 Pro here, I don’t think that it’s a clear winner here for those who like using their mouse with a claw grip. The design and appearance of the mouse are are decent, it's not the foremost tasteful implementation of RGB, and therefore the diffusion isn't as smooth as G102, but the mouse still manages to appear good. Coming to buttons, they need mentioned thatthey have omron switches on the box, but thebutton durability is mentioned at 100 thousand clicks, while with the Logitech mice, it’s 10 million clicks on the box. But within the universe these numbers don’t make a difference, and it’s not uncommon for Logitech mice, or the other mouse to develop issues with buttons, so I won’t give advantage to the G102. So the left button is okay, but it has a lot of wobble when its pressed down, and while it’s not a deal breaker, it makes it feel the lowest. The bigger problem is that the right click, which requires noticeably more force to be pressed, and that just gives me a awfully odd feeling when using this mouse. G102, they need plenty more travel before they get activated, so while the position is okay, and that they work well, they feel cheap. You also have an enormous DPI cycling button on top, which is extremely easy to press, which is good, except for some reason, they felt the necessity to mention that this can be a DPI button with this cheap font, which doesn’t look good. The scroll wheel is incredibly good, the dimensions is great, and therefore the scroll steps are light, but the G102 just has one in every of the most effective scroll wheels on any mouse. You have a button on bottom that permits you to toggle the RGB on and off, and that i actually find it to be a extremely good idea, and something that i'd prefer to have within the higher end mice.It also says that it can change mode, butI wasn’t ready to know a way to try this, and it’s just an on and off switch. You actually get the software during a CD, and I don’t know who encompasses a CD drive in an exceedingly modern gaming PC. I actually didn’t have a drive in my home as even my older PC doesn’t have it, and this wouldn’t are an issue if the software was downloadable on their website, but it wasn’t, so I wrote an email to the support, and that they gave me the software after 5 days. Coming to the software itself, it's pretty bad. You do have options to customize lighting, and although I don’t care lots about these, half the 4 or 5 effects you have got look cheap, but there are some good options too. The button and macro customization was what I found to be a whole deal breaker for me. You have only a few options when it involves reassigning the additional buttons on the mouse, you just have this small list of options, so you can’t assign any key you wish on these buttons like other gaming mice. You also have options to assign macros, and the problem is that you simply cannot have key combinations assigned as macros, so on my Logitech mouse I use the additional buttons to cycle between tabs in the browser, but that's inconceivable on this mouse. Now you will be ready to use this for gaming, as that doesn’t always require a mix of keys, but not having the ability to line combination of keys as extra buttons is simply unacceptable for me. The Logitech Gaming software is that the best in the industry, and you're getting it with the G102. It’s not perfect, but it’s still infinitely better than the Redgear software. It’s the Avago 3360 sensor that you simply would find in higher end mice, so the tracking performance of this mouse is admittedly good, so I don’t have a problem during this area, but The Logitech G102 also has a superb sensor, and even the pros can’t tell the difference between its sensor and better end sensors. But if you're getting the Z1 Pro purely for its tracking performance, you must be satisfied. So last, you need to have realized that I don't like this mouse. I wouldn’t say that it's complete garbage, because for somebody who really wants to own the shape of Microsoft intellipoint mouse, with many RGB added, this might be an appropriate choice. But apart from that, it really doesn’t deliver to other aspects that may cause you to buy a gaming mouse over a daily mouse.

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