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Never Kiss Your Best Friend review

Never Kiss Your Best Friend

Release Date: 20 January 2020

Director: Arif Khan

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Cast: Nakuul Mehta, Anya Singh, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi, Paloma Monappa, Vivek Mushran, Niki Walia, Mohit Hiranandani, Adi Chugh

Never kiss your best friend a Zee5 original based on the book “Never kiss your best friend” by Sumrit Shah. It stars Anya Singh as Tanie and Nakuul Mehta as Sumer. The series starts with Tanie who is at a pub with her boss for free drinks and not for enjoyment. There she meets her former best friend Sumer, which is not a pleasant meet at all. This takes them back to the time when they first meet at Sumer’s house. Tanie went to washroom to relieve herself and founds Sumer masturbating there in a bathtub, awkward meet right? After that incidence they kinda hate each other but shares a drink and end up being best friends.

A beautiful relation between best friends is shown in the series and how they share every single detail about their life, right from their first kiss to period pain. The story is about past and present whereas the past is narrated by Tanie which connects us to the story. Now I won’t reveal the whole story but I will tell you some incidences which everyone can relate too. Best friends fight and so they did but they always find their way back to each other. Once Sumer told Tanie that her boyfriend is cheating her as Sumer saw Tanie’s boyfriend buying condom at a store and he also tried to stalk his accounts but he was caught by Tanie. This lead to fight between both of them but after few days she understood the truth. Sumer and Tanie were crazy, loved each other as best friends, always stood by each other. But as the title of the series says “Never kiss your best friend” they did opposite of it which made them fall apart. But now when they meet again at that club something is going to happen and to find out you need to watch it. There is more love, more fights, and more drama so witness this story of best friends.

The series contains a good cast where Niki and Vivek played character of Anya’s parents and Suchitra, Rituraj played Nakuul’s parents role. Niki played character of over protective Punjabi mom role. Rituraj and Sumer were always against each other as Sumer wanted to pursue different education but his dad forced him to do the one of his choice. The entire series was shot at London and had beautiful scenic views. The songs are also beautiful “Jaane na dunga kahi” by Armaan Malik and “Jee na paunga” by Vishal Mishra.

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