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My Girlfriend is an Alien review

Updated: May 25

My Girlfriend is an Alien

Director: Deng Ke

Release Date: 21 August 2019 (China)

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Cast: Wan Peng, Bie Thassapak Hsu, Wang You Jun, Yang Yue, Wang Hao Zhen, Ashin Shu, Alina Zhang, Hu Cai Hong, Christopher Lee

The story starts with an accident of Fang Leng who is CEO of a company. An alien who was just arrived on Earth founds him and heals him. But during protecting him she lost her device to go back to her planet. Fang Leng who has got amnesia and forgets about opposite sex whenever it rains. Chai Xiaoqi – the alien is attracted towards male hormone and acts like a total fangirl. The entire series has 28 episode but worth watching. Chai Xiaoqi starts searching for her homing device and ends up at Fang Leng’s company. Fang Lang’s younger brother Fang Lie become friend with Chai Xiaoqi at a place. Chai Xiaoqi and Fang Leng who hated each other starts falling for each other with time. Fang Leng is told by his assistant that if he wants to cure amnesia he should start dating Chai Xiaoqi as per the instances that had happened before. Chai Xiaoqi doesn’t agree and they fake there dating but tells everyone that they are dating.

Things start to worsen up when Jiang Xue enters in the picture as she loves Fang Leng but Fang Leng had forgotten her due to him amnesia. On the other side Fang Lie and Chai Xiaoqi becomes good friends and due to this Fang Leng becomes jealous. It seems so cute when Fang Leng gets jealous. Their chemistry sets the bars on fire. Fang Leng is so protective, caring and loving. Every girl would crave for a boy friend like him. You can see all over the series how Fang Leng always reaches to save Xiaoqi and it is pleasure to watch them. Fang Leng’s mother died when he was a kid and he was raised by his step mother whereas Fang Lie is his step mother’s son who always wanted that her son Fang Lie should take control of the company but he was inclined towards painting. Fang Leng who had amnesia had memory bank to store his memory so he couldn’t forget anything but unfortunately Jiang Xue deletes it all and Fang Leng forgets Xiaoqi. After this incident Fang Leng refuses to accept Xiaoqi as his girl friend and everything becomes complicated. I won’t disclose the further story as it great to watch how they come together after all these things. They face many problems during this and to worsen up the situation Jiang Xue is always there.

“The most unforgettable thing is not the memory but the feelings” this sentence has a deep meaning within itself. Even after losing memory he still can remember her just because of feelings. There are some cute moments like Fang Leng holds her hand while crossing the road as she was afraid of it, their hugs and how they truly cared for each other. It is a sweet love story with love triangles but true love always win. The songs are great and everything is shown beautifully. For the people who think 28 episodes means it is too big but I bet once you will start watching it you can’t resist it.

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