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Microsoft Lumia 535

This phone is really good. This is my second windows phone after the Nokia Lumia 630, and I have to say I really prefer windows phones over Android devices now. after having used this phone over the last couple of days, these are my views Pros - Windows OS (comes with windows 8.1) - sleek and stylish look (thinner and lighter than the Nokia Lumia 630) - 1 GB RAM (makes it faster than older Lumia models) - scratch resistant and as sturdy as any Nokia Phone ( a big plus for me as I drop my phone a lot!) - though it is not a camera phone - the camera (5MP) is good, flashlight in rear camera is a bonus. front camera gives very decent selfies - the battery life is very good, after the first charge I've been using it for 48 hours (with moderate wi-fi usage to download and install apps, trying out the camera + flashlight, the selfie app, bluetooth, for calls and other routine use etc.,) and there is still 40% power left! - touch seemed to lag a little the first 4-5 times I tried it, but after that hasn't given any problems (I have put a tempered glass screenguard on it and another reviewer said that his touch problems were solved by this - don't know how/why!) - the auto brightness adjuster and the sunlight reading adjustment are great. - the volume/speaker is good. - very reasonable price Cons - touch lagged a little initially and if it reoccurs will be a problem - since there seem to be very few stores selling windows phones, support might become an issue

The worst part of the phone is battery back up... Hardly lasts for 4-5 hours when the full functionality(whatsapp, synching e-mail accounts etc) of the phone is turned on.... Probably the battery would last even less time if internet browsing is done....On the contrary if it is just used as a Nokia 1100 phone (i.e by switching off internet, Whatsapp, e-mail synching etc) then the battery lasts for about 24 hours... Also there is heating problem... Upper part of the phone gets heated too soon

It is not good phone or a bad phone. Just an average one. Bought it for my brother. Liked it in the beginning and quickly lost interest because of the complexity of the Windows OS. It is bit difficult to manage general Settings, store and Contacts. Like in all Microsoft phones. But you can find all the native apps easily. Captures some good quality photos. Battery life is OK.

It is a good mobile but after about 2 years it starts heating a lot...the battery also drains out. As of now the product is outdated and amazon should stop selling this product. There are no updates that are coming and the company has stopped WINDOWS. You will not find any application and even the internal storage space is very less.

Windows 8.1. it's the latest. I have also heard that it will be compatible with the upcoming Windows 10 OS. But this is not confirmed news though.

In short it’s just a average phone just made for regular use not for any other purposes

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