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You Have to Love APPLE because they not only make amazing product they make Magic ....... I loved specially the Ultrawide Angle camera and the Hell of a Beast of a Processor .... A13Bionic , I am an Engineer and the way Apple Presented the Chip on the stage blew my mind ...... that small piece of hardware has 8.5 Billion transistor and based on 7NM architecture ...... simple word its like a Lamborgini and other Chips are Honda ! Finally this is gonna be the beast of a phone and another thing that made me happy Apple might manufacture and assemble these phones in India itself! Kudos Apple You did an Amazing work! Your the Best! As you can see i love small form factor, after years of waiting for another xperia compact phone, i got to know that xperia is withdrawing from India, after that i started waiting for pixel 4 and same thing happened again. Being frustrated i searched for smaller phones available in the market and to my surprise now people consider a 6inch device portable. The closet thing to “portable” was pixel 4 and 11 pro. Don’t get me wrong they are not smaller at all either. So, i’m the person who never liked iphone and never recommended it to anyone. But one bad night i pushed that buy now button and now my life is living hell, it now feels like i’m in early 2000s. Now let’s start my horrible 1 month journey with iphone. First i opened the box, and lifted the phone it felt like a premium brick. Now excited as hell for my first iphone, booted it up went through same configuration, entered the page where they ask for wifi password entered it, oops i entered the wrong password. Now the phone kept trying to connect it to the wifi like it magically going to correct the password. Now there is no way to go ahead, the only thing to do is restart the phone. After successfully setting up the phone, the first thing you notice is yellowish weird screen. Every thing is in yellow tint, i have to setup the colour gradient in settings. First thing that easily available on any phone to test display and audio(flac is the best thing to test audio) is youtube. I fired the youtube with some uhd hdr content and display is gorgeous and so are the stereo speakers. But still display was lacking some clarity, so i jumped straight to the quality setting and the max resolution it can support is 1080p hdr because ios doesn’t support uhd codec of youtube. Display:3/5 (true tone gives yellowish tint) Stereo speakers:5/5 Software/codecs:0/5 Now to test true audio quality, i tried to load my flac collection in to my phone, which is in itself a big task. Music app provided by iphone doesn’t support flac. Now i’ve to go to the app store to find a decent music player because 1 lakh is not a good amount for a company to bundle a music player, most of the music player available on store are paid, i mean, i’ve just paid more than a lakh rs and now i’ve to buy a music player and that to is subscription based 3000 rs per year just to play music. I mean i can get a tidal subscription and get flac master audio for some more amount. After lots of search i found hs player which was free, now i loaded my flac collection to the app using itunes. Testing wired audio, wait they have not included dongle with this phone. Bought the dongle for 800 rs. Audio quality was not at all good not balanced at all it was all bass, after that i started searching for equalizer in phone setting but the equalizer is just for music app not a global equalizer like the one included in xperia phones. But the hs music player included one which works great it has ten band equalizer. Now the audio is some what acceptable atleast for this music player. Now i am going to test my play music subscription for wired audio, sadly it has no equalizer and sounded crappy. Now since it has no equalizer i connected my sony 1000xm3s to them,cause they have equalizer. Apple has the guts to remove 3.5mm jack but they failed to include ldac support or any other codec to it. It still has old aac codec. I someone tells you it is efficient slap them as hard as you can. They made my 30k headphones sound like boat or beats like headphone. Next thing they have only 15 level volume steps, which are either too loud or too soft at-least they should have given 30 level. Audio software:0/5 Codecs:0/5 Overall:0:5 Now let’s talk about battery, since i am a moderate user it last for me around three days with full charge. Believe me, if you leave your phone at 100% at night you will get 100% in morning, stand by time is godly. Heavy use is also good i get at-least 6hr sot. Battery 10/5(better than any android phone) Camera is okish but nothing that all american reviewers brag about. Colours are not natural as one can see from skin tone, portrait mode works ok but not at all precise. Night mode is just a gimmick with unacceptable colour and noise. Astro-photography is also not that good sky colour is not natural and other things you take in also gets different colour like a red wall gets an orange colour, there were stars where there is no star, after taking some star photos i found out normal photos also has star in them, may be the are fooling people with astro photography. Ultrawide camera has fish eye effect.Unable to take long exposure light streak photo, you have to buy a separate app for that. But that’s not good as 16k moto g4 can do that. One more thing apple used heic extension for their photo, which is not supported by android as of now. So sharing them might be a problem. Video is good, with audio zooming 4k at 60 fps, but what bugs me is 1080 p at only 240fps. They should have at-least given 960fps. Video stabilisation is good for normal user like me. Normal camera:3.5/5 Telephoto:3/5 Night mode:2/5 Wide angle:0/5(useless low quality blurred pictures, with fish eye) Portrait:3/5 Normal video/audio:5/5 Slow mo:3/5 Network reception: My bigger brother has s10 plus, we both went to vegas mall dwarka, inside pvr i was getting 2g network with airtel and he was getting full 4g coverage there. I think that is enough said. 0/5 Software and apps, when brain washed apple user was saying apple is apple you don’t know anything about apple, it is the fastest phone it never hangs, what the were doing is defending or hiding that they have wasted a lot of money. Now talking about software as I’ve mentioned earlier it started hanging on the configuration or setup. Most of the apps slutters a lot, if you scroll app it feels like when you are playing crisis ( a demanding game) on a low budget gpu. Solution is lock and unlock phone to get performance. Most of the apps are not designed for notch, logout and battery icon gets inside each other. No movie and netflix show are designed for this aspect ratio, if you zoom in heads of actors get cropped out, show full screen phones are just to distract people from the fact that nothing new is happening in market right now, they just want people to keep looking for bigger screen and camera. Gesture control is also in efficient, some apps put you in situations where you can get out using gestures. For example in WhatsApp if you by some chance open keyboard and rate now option pops-up same time there is no going back you have to close the app. Siri is just useless, but all of us know that. It tried many a days to send the same message to my dad and it never learnt that, while google assistant on my android phone did that in second try, Apple should integrate it to their phone. As i have accustomed to google apps, none of the google apps works as they should, chrome hangs down as soon you open a web page with lots of photo and video and scrolling takes a toll. Normal function like save to pdf is not available, youtube doesn’t support more than fhd. Cast on youtube works but not on photos app. Most of the apps on app store are buggy and are just hungry for money. You can see the number of rating for app, you can conclude from that the Apple user base are just using this phone for social media and making calls. Screen mirroring doesn’t work you have to buy an app to do that. Default file manager doesn’t support smb and ftp you have to get smb2 supporting router for your nas drive. Air drop is really good and fast, face id works most of the time. I’ve to disable attention feature to make it work. If you are coming from android even low budget android and have used android to its fullest you are going to hate this phone, there is no freedom here. It is like Pakistan(apple) and India. I’m stuck in this jail for at least five years. May god help other make wise decision in their life. Gps is also not accurate i don’t how apple can ruin it but they did. Itunes is another level of software made by apple engineers sitting on a stroller wearing diapers. They don’t even give an option to change backup location adding music and video is really difficult. Wireless connection is really unstable and useless. Window store application takes 3 clicks to start(solution get standalone app). Overall user experience is anti user.

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